Vembadi Girls’ High School

Vembadi is one of the oldest educational institutions in Sri Lanka. It broke the barriers of race and religion, cast, conservatism and gender discrimination and set the example to meet the educational needs of girls as far back as in 1825. Over the years Vembadi has made an unveiled contribution towards the educational development of our country.

Our school underwent much difficulty during the past two decades. The proximity to Jaffna Fort caused heavy damage and losses to our alma mater. We have lost our buildings which stood as monuments of our rich heritage. The library was completely damaged and lost all priceless books.

The school survived vicissitudes of war and carried on the torch of learning. The courage and zeal with which our missionaries started this beautiful institution has been inculcated into Vembadi. In spite of many constrains and setbacks in the recent past it maintains high standards in education, sports and arts. The Principal, staff and students keep up the proud record.

Vembadi will continue to function effectively and efficiently as she has been from her birth – keeping up the “Spirit of Vembadi”.

School Crest

The crest of Vembadi was first introduced in 1927 by Rev. P.E. Thorne, because the then principal of Vembadi, Miss. M. Pickard felt that the girls studied at the school needed not only a motto, but also guidance to lead them into a new way of freedom, which they could gain through their education.

Vembadi Girls' High School Crest

The palmyra palms above were chosen as being characteristics of Jaffna. The five palmyra palms depicted on the crest signifies: Strength and straightness keep on growing in adverse conditions supplying versatile needs give the best to everyone Give continuously without expecting anything in return Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis covers the lower part of the crest. This symbolized the stage that the Jaffna girls had reached; they were just coming into a larger freedom. The butterfly signifies: independent without fear or freedom; active; beautiful in mind, thought, word and action; graceful and good to look upon; and captivating image. Scroll at the foot bears the Motto “Dare to do right”. Miss. Pickard wanted them to be Vembadi Girls are expected to be as strong as the palmyra in body, mind and spirit, and as beautiful as the butterfly in thought, word and deed.